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Soundproof Booths

ADP Ltd is an innovative acoustic technology company. Based on an understanding of environmental acoustics, we follow the scientific approach of psychoacoustics and physiological acoustics to design and develop each acoustic product.

Soundproof Booths

4 different sizes to meet your needs

Soundproof Booth S.png
Soundproof Booth M.png
Soundproof Booth L.png
Soundproof Booth XL.png

For one person

For two persons

For four persons

For six persons

Soundproof Booth soundproof.jpg


In our designing process, we fully utilize acoustic simulation software such as INSUL MARSHALL ACOUSTIC to iterate and obtain optimal acoustic performance.

Our booth is consistent with the standard of environmental rating Design value: Rw+Ctr 25 db (+5 db) and RT0.75 s (+0.1 s).


Low noise air ventilation system with maze-like internal layout to ensure necessary air circulation in three minutes, while preserving soundproofing attributes of the booth.

Soundproof Booth Ventilation.jpg
Soundproof Booth Light_edited.jpg


Equipped with 4000 K daylight color temperature LED lighting system (150 LX), it would satisfy the needs of normal activities. In the event of additional power requirements, a backup power supply is readily installed inside the booth.

Fastening Assemble

Our design philosophy has always emphasized on simplicity and minimalistic approach.
Hence our whole model only utilizes 90-degree fasteners.

Soundproof Booth Instalation.jpg
soundproof booth office space.jpg
Soundproof booth ADP.jpg

Soundproof glass

The silence booth utilizes the same type of noise-reducing glass found on high-speed trains.

Acoustic Interior

Our booth has an effective area of 60% covered Polyester Fiber sound absorbing material.

Optional furniture

We can recommend what type of aesthetic and acoustic furniture is optimal for your Silence Booth.

Motion Sensor

Soundproof Booth is equipped with motion sensor to control the lighting and ventilation system.

220V Power

Our booth is equipped with 12V-USB power supply and power rated for 100-240V/50-60Hz.

External cable hole

An external opening allows cables to easily pass into the booth. The opening may be closed when not in use.

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